Artists’ Circle

The Artists’ Circle association occupies a significant place in the history of art. It began to be formed in 1922–23 (to be finished by ca. 1926), on the initiative of a group of graduates of the Higher State Art and Technical Institute. The association was to become one of the most important artistic organizations of Leningrad. The idea to create it belonged to Vyacheslav Pakulin, Alexey Pakhomov and David Zagoskin, later on, renowned artists.

The association existed until 1930; during this period it incorporated over fifty artists, the core of it being, besides Pakulin, Pakhomov and Zagoskin, Alxander Samokhvalov, Alexander Rusakov, Alexander Vedernikov, Lev Volkenstein, Georgy Traugott, Victoria Belakovskaya, Lidia Timoshenko and others. It is the works by these artists that most amply reflect the ideology and history of the Artists’ Circle.