«FORBIDDEN FRUIT» by Nina Avalon

6 — 16 September | 2018


The Museum of St. Petersburg Art of the XX-XXI centuries proudly presents an exhibition of art photography of Nina Avalon — a young and original art photographer from Oosterhout, The Netherlands.

Nina Avalon was born in Leningrad in 1981 and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 15, where she graduated from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Graphic Design. In 2012, Nina professionally engaged in photography and quickly achieved success in the field, as evidenced by major prizes and awards at international competitions.

Forbidden Fruit is the first personal exhibition of Nina Avalon in Russia. The exhibition includes the latest works, mostly portraits.

Nina Avalon is inclined to a philosophical comprehension of the surrounding world. In recent works she explored human nature through the prism of Biblical subjects, with a strong emphasis on the theme of human temptation. Avalon has captured a barrage of emotions in the journey to creation and self-destruction. The Talking Soul shows a model tormented by a mouth sewn shut, only being able to talk using her raw emotions. Mother’s Treasure depicts a woman lovingly embracing her child. Woke Up The Wolf shows a man ready to release his feral emotions.

The lens of Nina Avalon reflects life in a metaphorical way, in which the whole spectrum of human emotions is revealed. Portraits appear as black and white structures: massive black shadows and sparkling bright highlights bring powerful and involving depth to the images. Many works of Avalon are characterized by incredible dynamics and amaze by strong body language, which require special skills of the photographer.